GSE: Gatherer, Shepherd, Elder process for starting new churches

Welcome to GSE! GSE is a simple, cost effective process for starting new churches. In using the GSE process, we identify a Gatherer who is teamed with a Shepherd. Then, in tandem, they begin a new church. 

In time, we seek the Lord for His adding an Elder to the process to help take the newly formed church to further establishment. 

In using this church planting process, you can plant a church anywhere; with no financial cost and easily reproduce it in many places.

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Here are what some others are saying about Raising Rabbits not Elephants: 

The Church needs theology and the church needs practical strategy. Raising Rabbits, Not Elephants is one of the most practical and strategic books on church planting to come across my desk in quite some time. I commend this book to church planters seeking a creative perspective on missional church planting.

Ed Stetzer

President, LifeWay Research,

Author, Subversive Kingdom


Practitioner Tony Webb gives us a great picture of how you can understand and implement the GSE approach to church planting.  Both practical and engaging, this book unpacks how a gatherer, a shepherd, and an elder can team together to plant healthy, thriving churches.  

Dr. Bob Logan

Church planter coach

Founder, Logan Leadership

Instructor, D.Min. program, Fuller Seminary


I know Tony Webb as a coach who coaches church planters. To be effective, a coach has to help break progress down into manageable steps. In this book, Tony has broken the process of church planting down into three easily accessible roles. That would've been a good accomplishment by itself, but then Dr. Webb goes even farther, showing you how to find each role and what to look for!  And all through it, Dr. Webb meets you exactly where you are--ready with the occasional answer but more often, a really good question, just like an excellent coach would!  Reading this book will challenge you in the best possible ways.

Jonathan Reitz

CEO, CoachNet Global


From a profound love for the church and a clear vision for expanding the kingdom, Dr. Webb has articulated an ancient approach to our obedient disciplemaking that is simple yet effective. This proven method of establishing new communities of faith has the potential to renew both established churches as well as whole movements seeking a fresh impact in their communities and beyond.

Bill Ludwig

Church Planter and Lead Catalyst for MissioChurch


I have followed Tony Webb's model from his doctoral research through first implementation and now into its use in church multiplication movements. I need to say only two things about it.  First, it is biblical.  Second, it works exactly as promised.

Dr. Terry Hofecker

Director, North American Church Multiplication Institute

Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland Ohio