GSE: Gatherer, Shepherd, Elder process for starting new churches

Welcome to GSE! GSE is a simple, cost effective process for starting new churches. In using the GSE process, we identify a Gatherer who is teamed with a Shepherd. Then, in tandem, they begin a new church. 

In time, we seek the Lord for His adding an Elder to the process to help take the newly formed church to further establishment. 

In using this church planting process, you can plant a church anywhere; with no financial cost and easily reproduce it in many places.

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We are finding that Any person, Any place, Any time can plant a church - perhaps now you are the person, where you are at is the place and now is the time.



Here is what others are saying about Gathering to Movement: Gathering as Essential to our Culture: 

Tony Webb makes starting a church sound simple. And that’s an unique gift. You start with gathering. Gathering people. Gathering gifts. Gathering momentum. On the most basic level, you gather alignment with the Holy Spirit. If that’s not what the world needs, I don’t know what is. In a world that’s defined more and more by complexity and uncertainty, we need what he offers. That’s why Gathering to movement: Gathering as Essential to Our Culture is one book you will return to on a regular basis. You’ll be glad you did!

Jonathan Reitz – Director of Training/CEO, CoachNet Global


Someone once said that “the proof of the pudding is in the tasting!” Based on the success of Tony Webb’s GSE approach

to church planting, it must have been him. Tony has been involved in 75+ new starts. That speaks for itself. In particular, I really like his emphasis on gathering in church planting. I witnessed the power of unleashing gatherers while ministering in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Even before the Amsterdam church launched, two lady gatherers had already gathered over one hundred people to be a part of the new work. That’s the power of gathering.

Aubrey Malphurs - Senior Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership and Pastoral Ministry, Dallas Theological Seminary; Founder of the Malphurs Group


Heaven help us if the bar is set too high for those who can plant a church. Tony Webb continues to beat the drum that many types of people in many walks of life can play critical roles in getting a new community of faith up and running. Heaven is indeed helping us! Thank you, Tony, for giving us a biblically informed and practically-proven paradigm to accomplish this great work.

Tom Nebel – Director of Church Planting for Converge Worldwide


 Tony Webb has unlocked a biblically based church planting process that addresses the major obstacles to a church planting movement in North America. Because it is a process, GSE can be adapted for use in the diverse Christian traditions across North America. May the Lord of the Harvest multiply the harvest through GSEs!

Kevin Wilson

Church Planter, Trainer and Coach


Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Ohio District – Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

 Dr Webb helps us look beyond the cultural definitions and expectations of church to the biblical understandings of who the Bride of Christ is and how Jesus forms her in a local context. His careful investigation of biblical and other sources help facilitate a conversation that requires us to challenge how narrowly we define who we are as church and how a cultivated understanding of the essentials can lead to many beautiful and fruitful expressions of Jesus’ spiritual community. His treatment of the gathering function of the church has the potential to unlock great kingdom impact!

Bill Ludwig - MissioChurch


 In his new book Gathering to Movement, Tony Webb lays out his GSE (Gather, Shepherd, Elder) approach to church planting. GSE is a church starting process that produces churches, with no financial cost to them, that are highly efficient and easy to reproduce. GSE is something ordinary churches and ordinary people can do. The book moves strategically from underlying principles to practical implementation, highlighting contemporary examples and biblical support along the way. One thing you’ll find especially helpful is the way Webb underscores how coaching can be used alongside GSE for increased fruitfulness.

Dr. Bob Logan, author of The Missional Journey


God is raising up leaders that have a driving passion for the expansion of His Kingdom that are fruitfully practicing their passion. Tony Webb is such leader. Not only does Tony seek to start new spiritual communities, he has created a simple, reproducible process that starts with the heart of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to gather people and gifts that birth and sustain a spiritual community to be obedient and reproducing disciples. Gathering to Movement: Gathering As Essential To Our Culture lays out for you the heart, soul and easy to reproduce steps for a relationally driven movement of multiplication.

Mike Chong Perkinson

Senior Developer, Praxis Center for Church


Here are what some others are saying about Raising Rabbits not Elephants

The Church needs theology and the church needs practical strategy. Raising Rabbits, Not Elephants is one of the most practical and strategic books on church planting to come across my desk in quite some time. I commend this book to church planters seeking a creative perspective on missional church planting.

Ed Stetzer

President, LifeWay Research, Author, Subversive Kingdom

 Practitioner Tony Webb gives us a great picture of how you can understand and implement the GSE approach to church planting.  Both practical and engaging, this book unpacks how a gatherer, a shepherd, and an elder can team together to plant healthy, thriving churches. 

Dr. Bob Logan

Church planter coach, Founder, Logan Leadership, Instructor, D.Min. program, Fuller Seminary

 I know Tony Webb as a coach who coaches church planters. To be effective, a coach has to help break progress down into manageable steps. In this book, Tony has broken the process of church planting down into three easily accessible roles. That would've been a good accomplishment by itself, but then Dr. Webb goes even farther, showing you how to find each role and what to look for!  And all through it, Dr. Webb meets you exactly where you are--ready with the occasional answer but more often, a really good question, just like an excellent coach would!  Reading this book will challenge you in the best possible ways.

Jonathan Reitz

CEO, CoachNet Global

From a profound love for the church and a clear vision for expanding the kingdom, Dr. Webb has articulated an ancient approach to our obedient disciplemaking that is simple yet effective. This proven method of establishing new communities of faith has the potential to renew both established churches as well as whole movements seeking a fresh impact in their communities and beyond.

Bill Ludwig

Church Planter and Lead Catalyst for MissioChurch

I have followed Tony Webb's model from his doctoral research through first implementation and now into its use in church multiplication movements. I need to say only two things about it.  First, it is biblical.  Second, it works exactly as promised.

Dr. Terry Hofecker

Director, North American Church Multiplication Institute, Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland Ohio